Oregon Mudders Mens MCA400 Athletic Golf Shoe


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  • Lightweight and flexible construction
  • Choose Replaceable Spike or Turf Nipple sole
  • Removable insole
  • Guaranteed for comfort and fit

The Oregon Mudders Athletic Golf Shoe, men’s style MCA400S is a lightweight, athletic golf shoe designed for comfort and extreme breathability on the golf course. The upper is made with the latest materials, and the shoe is built on the unique Oregon Mudders Five Piece Golf Traction Foot Bed, offering lightweight and flexible construction, while providing comfort, cushioning, and lateral stability. Available in all popular men’s sizes, in both medium and wide widths for the best possible fit, the Oregon Mudders MCA400 Athletic Golf Shoe is a durable, lightweight shoe that’s built to last.

What’s new about our golf footwear? We now have two types of soles: Spike and Turf Nipple. For our spike sole, we’ve taken our traditional metal threaded screw-in soft spikes and replaced them with the more modern twist-lock spikes. The new spike has better traction and is easily replaced. Our turf nipple sole provides great comfort & traction on most surfaces. This multi-purpose sole can be worn both on the links and into the clubhouse, then home with a stop at the mall, all in the same pair of shoes.

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Turf Nipple, Spiked

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Medium, Wide

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7 US mens, 7.5 US mens, 8 US mens, 8.5 US mens, 9 US mens, 9.5 US mens, 10 US mens, 10.5 US mens, 11 US mens, 11.5 US mens, 12 US mens, 13 US mens, 14 US mens (available Medium Width ONLY), 15 US mens (available Medium Width ONLY)


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