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  • Universal 12-Inch Waterproof Nylon Golf Gaiter
  • Improves waterproofing with almost any shoe
  • Keeps mud and debris off your pants
  • Easy to put on with our Velcro and Hook Attachment
  • Package includes two (2) gaiters
The Universal Golf Gaiter is Oregon Mudders’ answer to those damp and wet courses. It can be worn with almost any shoe or boot. It’s great at keeping the mud from splashing up the back of your pants. The Best Way to Attach Your Gaiters:
  1. Open both the front and the bottom Velcro of the Gaiter
  2. Attach the hook at the bottom of the Gaiter to the first lace on your shoe.
  3. Wrap the Gaiter around the leg, touch the front Velcro together to hold the shaft in place.
  4. Attach the bottom Velcro strap under the arch of your foot and fasten it to the outside of your leg.  Make sure the top of your shoe is covered. If not, tighten the bottom strap to pull the Gaiter down, moving the bottom of the Gaiter down with your hand to cover the top of the shoe.
  5. Pull the top of the Gaiter up but do not uncover the top of the shoe. The Oregon Mudders Universal Golf Gaiter is machine washable with mild soap.


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